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Gossiping and Derping

January 3, 2012

After I posted yesterday’s entry bemoaning the current state of my dating affairs, I met up with a friend to gossip and feel better about my lot in life. Sure, I’m single and unemployed like that our other friend but at least I’m single, unemployed and hilarious! She’s single, unemployed and as annoying as a Jingle Cats CD on repeat!

We had big topics to discuss: how our holidays had been, if there had been any movement on the Christmas Party Guy front (I’m just going to start calling him CPG until I come up with a better – shorter – name), how things are with her current boy, social plans for our group in January, the current state of affairs in North Korea as Kim Jong-Un replaces his deceased father and will we see an improvement in the country’s relationship with the West, and whether or not we can continue to be friends with Jingle Cat CD lady.

Who am I kidding? The closest we got to discussing North Korea was making Team America jokes. We haven’t seen each other since before Kim Jong-Il passed away so it was inevitabre. Inevit. Inevitabre.

As we settled in for a good gab-fest, CPG wandered into the establishment. He came straight over for a chat and I’m pretty sure I had a big dopey grin on my face the whole time because I’m awesomely dorky like that. He thanked me for the Christmas card I left in his mailbox, we chatted about what we had gotten up to over the holidays, and I had all the social grace of a sea cucumber as I spilled my friend’s drink. Smooth as sandpaper.

He went and did his thing far enough away from us that we were still able to talk quietly about him in the very loud room. My eternal thanks to the table next to us who must have been using invisible soup-can phones to talk to people in another room because they drowned out anything we said. General consensus was that I should totally tap that, that I need to step up my game and make that happen, that I’d be a fool to not make a concerted effort. In short, I think my friend was about one more drink away from asking him out on my behalf.

As is obvious in many aspects of life – getting dressed, using the bathroom, getting to ‘that point’ while doing the horizontal tango – the boys were much quicker in finishing up their business. We were still on topic #2 when CPG stopped at the table to say good bye. I tried to smile but I’m pretty sure I just derped. But the important thing here is not that I derped, but that he could have easily left without us even noticing and he didn’t. He made a point of saying good bye and that he would be seeing me around.

Granted, it wasn’t a “hey, let’s get together and compare naughty bits” but he worded it that he would see me around. Not maybe, not hopefully, not possibly, but ‘would’. That’s got to count for something, right? I’m not about to jump up and down and scream things like it’s meant to be! He likes me! but it does mean that perhaps I should take another kick at that can before I send it to the Friendsville Recycling Bin.

Maybe Karma isn’t that high school bitch after all.

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  1. Carolyn permalink
    January 3, 2012 7:28 pm

    I was briefly confused because my own initials are CPG and I would NEVER leave you hanging if you put anything even remotely close to ‘the moves’ on me 🙂

    • January 3, 2012 7:39 pm

      And that’s why we’re friends 🙂 Hopefully I’ll come up with a better fake name for him soon!

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