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The Rejection Rebound

January 16, 2012

I’m just going to say what we all know: rejection sucks.

Whether it’s applying for a new job, asking someone out, or swiping your credit card, no one likes rejection.

You can give yourself all the pep talks in the world, but it still makes you question yourself to some degree. What is wrong with me that he doesn’t want to date me? The self-doubt that can come from one person saying “no, thanks” is incredible when you think about it. How many pairs of sweatpants are bought because of those words? Or tubs of ice cream? Or bottles of wine?

Scratch that last one. I buy bottles of wine because it’s Friday. Or Monday. Or sunny. Or snowing. Or I’m thirsty. But I avoid drinking when I’m feeling down because that’s just a bad combination.

I know that putting myself out into the dating world means that this will happen again, and I know that it’s not the end of the world, but I let myself wallow in my self-pity for just a little while. It felt good in an odd way. It was therapeutic to think of every possible reason why I was less-than-worthy to date and then to just let it go. I got dolled up, put on some heels, and took myself on a “date”.

For the record, I was a fantastic date! I was witty, charming, told great stories, didn’t drag me to a chick-flick, and only ate from my own plate. Any single guys reading this: I’m a great catch!

I spent the next day thinking of reasons why I’m awesome and finding new-to-me science fiction shows to watch. It’s like the nerd version of therapy. Feeling like crap? Watch ridiculously attractive fake-nerds spew techno-babble about quantum physics and alternate realities. Works every time! Especially when combined with McDonald’s take out and two cuddly, purring kitties.

Sitting outside CPG’s house with binoculars also helped.

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