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It’s Good to be Wanted

April 18, 2012

I’m working on a dating post. In the meantime, here’s a work-related post. I can’t talk about this on my ‘normal’ blog – IE where people actually know me – so you get to enjoy it instead.

I have worked for the same company for more years than I care to admit to. They hired me right out of university and they’ve been good to me for the most part. The only downside to my work is that we’re union.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against unions per se. I just hate my union because they’ve fucked me over a few times. (Usually without lube.) I am good at my job. Screw that, I am fucking awesome at my job. I excel at what I do. I have never had a “we’re worried about your production levels/attendance/obsession with pretending you’re on Glee” meeting. I am continually praised by my various supervisors with requests to clone me and create an entire department. (Apparently “the man” thinks it’s too expensive and breaks too many “rules”.)

Yet my company can not give me a raise nor can they promote me without posting the position to all employees. The frustration of that is increased when I know that I’m working with Rummy McDrunkergin because the union has stepped in the last seven times the company has tried to fire her. I have four letters on my personal file written by the general public thanking me for my professionalism, kindness, and helpfulness. She has seven complaints on her file from coworkers, three complaints from the general public, but still gets lauded when she makes it to morning coffee without nipping into the backroom to have a drink.

It’s not the fault of the company. Not really. I set my own bar quite high when I first started. I fucking met that bar and cleared it within the first year. I became the girl who could handle all the problem cases. Who could lead that task force. Who could proof read all our revised letters. Who could streamline our work processes. Who could write the training guidelines. Who could train new hires. Who could cook a fucking soufflé and still meet her monthly targets. I did this. In a unionized office. If I had fully understood what that meant when I was 22, I would have spent a lot more time browsing Craigslist on my computer and sticking it to “the man”.

I don’t begrudge the company for any of this. It’s not their fault I’m fucking awesome and my coworker can barely stand upright. (She once fell into a wall walking down the hallway. FELL. INTO. A WALL. That takes some serious drunk talent to do that at 2pm on a Thursday. By her own admission, she didn’t even trip on her feet. “I just suddenly couldn’t stand up straight so I fell over.”) It’s not their fault that my supervisor gave me a $25 gift certificate as a ‘thank you’ for working on a project I was the only person to volunteer for and four of my coworkers who responded in emails saying they did not want to work on the project went to the union about it and my supervisor ended up getting reprimanded.

It’s the union’s fault.

But I put up with it because I liked my job and I liked the majority of my coworkers. Recently, however, that hasn’t been enough. I want someone to acknowledge that I’m a fucking rock star. For my new supervisor, that’s apparently too much to ask for because she’s an entitled bitch whose ass I don’t lick enough. (For the record, I’ve never been an ass-licker. I’m a work-hard-work-quietly-work-diligently and supervisors appreciate that.)

Then I got a phone call from another department.

They have a new position and they want me. It’s an immediate jump in salary plus there’s room to advance and money for further education should I wish to return to school for a masters. I read over the requirements and realize the position was written for me. There are ‘preferred’ skills and knowledge that only I have because I wrote that program. That’s how much they want me.

It feels pretty damn good.

It’s the kick in the pants I need to blow this Long Island Ice Tea stand and get the job I’ve deserved for the last five years.

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  1. Candy Van Hornswaggle III permalink
    April 19, 2012 9:49 am

    Huzzah! (For the record, I have always wanted you. Meow.)

    • April 19, 2012 6:01 pm

      As soon as you can figure out how to keep me in the financial manor to which I have become accustomed (or better), then I will drop everything and work for you.

      PS. I love your name!

      • Candy Van Hornswaggle III permalink
        April 20, 2012 8:03 am

        I’m choosing to believe that at some point in the near future I will be in need of a PA. How would you feel about taking in my dry cleaning, picking up coffee and being my liquid lunch partner?

  2. Maisie permalink
    April 19, 2012 10:35 am

    Woohooo….congratulations – it’s nice when things like that fall into place…it seems to be kick in the pants time all over the place right now…

    oh, and isn’t it per say (ha! too much Malaprop Meggy for me…)

    • April 19, 2012 5:59 pm

      HA HA! I’ll fix that typo.

      And thanks for the congrats. What’s been your kick in the pants?

  3. Maisie permalink
    April 21, 2012 7:47 pm

    Nonono…I was teasing…but I did look it up and I think it’s per se…but I’m not sure and now I’ve confused myself.

    I’ll email you about the kick in the pants because it’s long enough to be a blog post of its own.

    • April 22, 2012 1:18 pm

      It is ‘per se’. I had ‘per sae’. As in ‘per the Society of Automotive Engineers…’. Now, to segway to the next topic… hee hee hee!

      • Maisie permalink
        April 23, 2012 9:39 pm

        PS I applaud you for not responding
        (a) with some passive-aggressive “I can spell it however I want because it looks better my way” answer
        (b) with some snarky snark
        (c) by sending in the white knights to slay me when their mighty pens (or keyboards)
        (d) by sending in an HLB to tell me to eff off because you’re perfect
        (e) by deleting me and then blocking my IP from ever commenting again

        As per your note above, I’m waiting for your next topic with braided breathe because I may or may not less than three this blog!

        SO BRAVE!

        • April 24, 2012 4:36 pm

          Well, I would have set my white knight-ers on you but I didn’t think you’d want to yell at yourself.

        • Maisie permalink
          April 26, 2012 10:28 pm

          I often carry on interesting debates with the voices in my head, but I’ve never white knighted myself before…

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